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Stress-free ready-made meals from our
kitchen to yours.

Stress-free ready-made meals from our kitchen to yours.

Since 2009 How It Works
Pick Your Meals Choose from 30+ new meals each week.
We Cook & Ship Chef-prepared, fresh, healthy and delivered to your doorstep.
Heat & Enjoy Gourmet flavors, ready to eat in just 2 minutes.
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Healthy, Balanced & Delicious It’s like having a Pro Chef & Expert Nutritionist right in your kitchen. ✔️ Top chefs do the cooking
✔️ Premium ingredient quality
✔️ New menus launch every Wednesday
✔️ Supporting specialty diets, allergies & more
✔️ Incredible customer service
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Flexible & Commitment-Free

You’re in charge. Skip weeks, cancel anytime and customize the best delivery plan for you.

Can I choose my meals? atom/icon/24px/plus atom/icon/24px/plus

Of course. With our My Choice plan, you pick from a huge variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Our rotating menu updates weekly with 30+ new meals, so you get fresh flavors that fit your individual tastes and dietary preferences.

Do I have to cook anything? atom/icon/24px/plus atom/icon/24px/plus

No cooking required. Just reheat in two minutes and dig in. Your entrees are always fresh and ready to eat with heating instructions, nutritional details and a full ingredient list.

Will I be locked into a subscription? atom/icon/24px/plus atom/icon/24px/plus

Never. All of our plans are commitment-free. You can switch plans, pause your current plan or cancel anytime you want. Log in to your online account to manage your plan.

Can I skip a week of delivery? atom/icon/24px/plus atom/icon/24px/plus

Totally. With our flexible delivery schedules, you can skip weeks in advance for no charge right from your online account.